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Domestic Violence

The Protection You Need

Are you or your children the victims of physical or verbal abuse? If so, you must act now to protect your family. Abuse in any form can have serious, long-term consequences, so find safe harbor as soon as possible. We encourage you to seek the assistance of our New Jersey domestic violence attorneys who can help you obtain legal protection. Most importantly, you may want to file for a restraining order against the abuser.

You have options for legal protection under the New Jersey Domestic Violence Act. Our goal is to put a stop to the violence controlling and damaging your life. Without proper legal protections, an abusive parent could obtain custody of your children, live in your home, and continue to harm you and your children. The abusers must be stopped – and our aggressive representation can fight for your safety.

What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is any abusive act committed by any person who is or has been close to you in your life. The qualifications included under the New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act are:

  1. Victim who is protected by the NJ PDVA includes any person who is 18 years old or is an emancipated minor, who has been subjected to domestic violence by a spouse, former spouse, or any other person who is a present or former household member; or
  2. Who, regardless of age, has been subjected to domestic violence by a person, with whom the victim has a child in common, or anticipates will have a child in common, if one of the parties is
  3. Who, regardless of age, has been subjected to domestic violence by a person with whom the victim has had a dating relationship
  4. You do not need to be legally related to or currently living with an abuser to qualify for protection

Our attorneys can advise you on where you qualify under the statute.

Perpetrators could include:

  • A current or ex-spouse;
  • Past and current roommates;
  • Current or former boyfriends or girlfriends; or
  • The parent of your children (or expected child)

Domestic abuse comes in many forms. It can be physical, verbal, or emotional and includes physical and sexual assault.

Seek Protection from Abuse

To maximize the protections you are entitled to under the New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, you will want to work with a lawyer who has extensive experience with these kinds of cases. At Arnt, Sutak & Miceli, LLC we act quickly to file the appropriate forms, inform the police, and help you take the necessary actions to protect yourself and the ones you love from abuse.

Victims of domestic violence can report these incidents to the Court by speaking to a Domestic Violence Hearing Officer or the local police station. While the reasons vary from case to case, this protection can limit and prevent an abuser from contact and even specify limits on activity near and around a particular person. In addition to specifying that abuse must stop, these orders can severely restrict and place conditions around an abuser’s parenting time and stipulate that an abuser seek and receive treatment for addiction or anger.

Restraining Order Violations

We often see clients who are concerned because the provisions of a restraining order are not being followed. These violations of restraining orders need to be taken seriously and should be brought to the attention of the court immediately for further attention and protection. Our New Jersey domestic abuse attorneys can assist you with this process.

Facing a Restraining Order

If someone has filed an application for a restraining order against you and you are required to appear in court, it is critical for you to have an experienced attorney on your side to protect your legal rights. This is one area where the law requires little evidence of accusations. Without proper representation, you could find yourself quickly removed from your loved one’s lives all due to false accusations.

If you have violated the conditions of a New Jersey restraining order, you could be facing serious legal consequences including an arrest and jail time. Failing to respond can lead to serious consequences that can you for years to come in every aspect of your life including interactions with your children, employment, and your living arrangements.

NATIONAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE in the United States 1-800-799-7233

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