Arndt, Sutak & Miceli, LLC

Denise Eckerson


Denise Eckerson is a Paralegal for Arndt, Sutak & Miceli, LLC.

Denise strives to make sure all of the firm’s clients receive great customer service. She assists clients in completing the necessary documents pertinent to their family law matters. She also helps clients understand the divorce process and provides positive encouragement along the way.  Denise understands that each case is unique and that sometimes, clients need personal attention along the way. Her ability to understand and explain the process and what to expect allows our clients to focus on the end result of their legal matter with their attorney.

Denise graduated from Scotch Plains Fanwood High School. She has been assisting clients and their families for over 20 years. Denise has raised two children and loves her German Shepherd, Cole, like her third child. She enjoys Sunday dinners with her family and spending time with her friends.

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