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Common Divorce Consultation Questions

How much will a divorce cost?

The costs and expenses for each case will vary depending on the complexity of the issues presented, the reasonableness of the positions taken during the litigation, and the Court’s ability to resolve disputes in a reasonable amount of time. Following an initial consultation, the attorneys at Arndt, Sutak & Miceli, LLC can provide an estimate as to the cost of litigation. However, clients must understand that this is an initial estimation based on many unknowns.

How long does the divorce take from beginning to end?

Once a Complaint for Divorce is filed, by either party, the ordinary case can last anywhere from three (3) months to eighteen (18) months. In a perfect world, the Court hopes and assists the parties in concluding litigation within twelve (12) months’ time.

How often will I have to appear in court?

This, too, will vary depending on the nature of the disputes between the parties. In the world of zoom court, those appearances may be in person or via some other electronic means. In most matters, the appearances will include one or more case management conferences, one early settlement panel conference, one intensive settlement conference, and either one final hearing to conclude your case on an uncontested basis, if all issues are settled, or multiple days of trial until the presentation of evidence is concluded.

How is alimony determined?

There are many different factors that go into an alimony determination, and we encourage you to review the detailed information provided here. (Link to Alimony Page). However, the court will most likely focus on the following factors: (1) the length of the marriage, (2) the lifestyle enjoyed by the spouses during the marriage, (3) the higher earning spouse’s ability to pay and (4) the lower earning spouse’s need for the payment of alimony. Often, the Court will also review periods of separation, obligations to support children, disabilities, and a variety of other factors.

How is child support determined?

Child support is most often calculated based on the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines. This is an income-based approach to determining support, which will incorporate adjustments for parenting time schedules and medical and health insurance costs.

The attorneys at Arndt, Sutak & Miceli, LLC are ready willing and able to assist you with filing for divorce or responding to your spouse’s filing. Please contact us at 732-629-9903 or via email at to schedule consultation to discuss your case today.

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