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Grandparent Visitation – A Difficult Case to Make

ASM Partner, Lauren A. Miceli, Esq. recently authored an article on Grandparent Visitation cases published in the New Jersey Family Lawyer. It is, unfortunately, a difficult case to present and to win given the state of the law and what is required of grandparents to gain access to visitation with their grandchildren. Ms. Miceli discusses that in detail in the attached article which can be read below.

The attorneys at Arndt, Sutak & Miceli, LLC are ready willing and able to assist with your grandparent visitation matters, whether you are seeking visitation or opposing the request. It is certainty a difficult situation for all parties involved. Please contact us at 732-629-9903 or via email at to schedule consultation to discuss your case today.

The Full Publication can be Found Here:

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